Intensities of Motherhood

A few impressions of the journey from tiny helpless babe to toddler to child.  Full of the highest highs and the lowest lows: A mother's love. A mother' terror. A mother's rage. A mother's equanimity. Total bliss.  Complete immersion in protective hormones.  Connected intense drunken love.  Obsessing over tiny toes.  Claiming victory at smiles.  Elation … Continue reading Intensities of Motherhood

It’s one Heck of a Ride

Life by catapult: The act of flinging one's self from one situation to the next. The landing is uncertain.  The journey is sure to be challenging and difficult. It is the only way to travel. How to to make changes in one's life? Scientific advice: "We all usually make a laundry list for everything we … Continue reading It’s one Heck of a Ride

The Power of Choice

Life pushes and pulls.  Its currents stronger than any person could ever hope to be. The fighting and struggling of trying to force life to flow the way it 'should.'  Creates so much suffering.  Learning to relax and trust is a life-long process.  The combination of surrender, preparation and accepting the power that exists in … Continue reading The Power of Choice

Uncharted Territory

Perhaps I'm a bit of a loose cannon. Or maybe stumbling around in the dark is more accurate. Either way, I am casting off many things which held me back from trying new and scary things.  In writing and publishing my first blog without the research of what I was 'supposed' to do; I am … Continue reading Uncharted Territory

Creating Space

In reading Viktor Frankl's book, Man's Search for Meaning I have changed my life and the lives of my children. This is the first post on that journey. It is also my inaugural foray into the world of public writing. Our culture is full of one dimensional façades of happiness, purveyed as reality through social … Continue reading Creating Space