Hypnosis is Here

“I tried everything! I finally stumbled on hypnosis after nothing else worked. It was so easy and IT WORKED!”

Hypnosis is so much more than a Hail Mary.

For far too long people have been using hypnosis as a last resort. Once they finally find it, they use it for everything. There are so many stories of people coming to find relief for headaches or to stop smoking and end up healing traumas, sleeping better, being more productive, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.

All the things!

Being hypnotized is pleasant and relaxing. A welcome break from the high speed, high stress world. An oasis of understanding and comfortable change.

Recordings are a a convenient way to increase happiness and find serenity. There are a ton of different subjects and resources for them. Grace Smith’s inner circle has an enormous selection of single recordings, 7 day series and so much more! I’m on day two of the Trust Series and have had some major break throughs already. (More on that in a future post) Her app is a convenient way to have hypnosis in your pocket. It has great binary recordings too!

Private sessions are even more amazing! The change work is personal and the ability to interact and do the deep deep work speeds the process up. It is breathtaking.

There are also free resources!

I am a part of a community of amazing hypnosisters! I’m sure that I will forget someone, so please add them in the comments so I can remedy that!

Grace Smith has been doing an amazing live morning show on Instagram and Facebook ! It feels so good to start the day off with gratitude, intention and a little hypnosis! Her Facebook group has the most supportive and loving people in it! And the next challenge is a book club, with hypnosis!?! I am so excited to see what she comes up with for the Celestine Prophecies.

Sara Exley just finished a 14 day series for happiness and it was amazing! She helped me deal with struggles while bringing joy and ligthness to the process.

Shama Dhanani is amazingly talented and has workshops that look incredible in the New York area.

Kim Register sends the most lovely and affirming emails. Sign up by sending an email to info.kimregisterhypnosis@gmail.com Her Instagram is also inspiring and hilarious! Her sessions are gold!

Jourdan Rystrom is a beautiful soul with a great blog! I hope to do some sessions with her soon!

Jennifer Oliver made the amazing Trust Series!! She has great live videos on her Facebook too!

I had a great session with Janna Dotschkal and I enjoy her live videos!

The next series on my list is the PTSD series by Ginni Guiton!

Hypnosis is for everyone. It is accessible on many different platforms at all price points.

It works.

Most of the things people want to change or accomplish are done faster and easier through hypnosis.

Let it be the go to for your healing too.

Hypnosis is mainstream.

It is now the healing modality people start with.

No longer a last resort, but the first and always.

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