Ever Changing DNA

You have the power to change your DNA!

Stress, depression, and many other factors negatively impact the way that your DNA replicates and changes.  In turn, your body changes they way that it responds to stress and disease.

I’m not going to go into all of the scary things that this implies.

What’s important is that you have the power to rid yourself of stress and depression.

This article talks about how parent’s depression led to children who were more likely to be depressed and how that effected to their DNA and brain structure.

As I read it I felt a sense of urgency!!!

This is why I started down the path of hypnosis!

I could feel it in my brain, changing things.

I want everyone to feel it.

To feel better, to change their brain structure, their DNA, their life path, their health, the lives and health of their children!!!

This is how excited I am that hypnosis heals is such incredible ways!!!!

Please reach out if this resonates with you at all, I would love to help 💕

Sending you so much love💕

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