About Me


My name is Sara Macel.

My mission in life is to help families heal from the cycles of addiction, abuse, maltreatment and depression that are often past from one generation to the next.

These are struggles that I know personally and have healed through hypnosis. I struggled with depression and debilitating anxiety. All while handling a divorce and the care of two you children. At my lowest point I found Grace Smith. She became my mentor and teacher.

Hypnosis has changed my life and those of my children in many ways. I have been able to break cycles of heart breaking abuse and addiction. I practice parenting that is patient, kind and compassionate. I am present. I no longer rely on the misinformed programming that my parents gave me.

There are many choices in life. We get to chose how we feel and how we interact with others. Those choices are made in a more present thoughtful way through the use of hypnosis,  Family is where we start to heal and change the world. Relaxing into healing through hypnosis feels good and leads to extraordinary change.

I am excited to guide you along your journey of healing.

💕 💕 💕

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