A Starting Place for Transformation

Life-altering transformation going on sale this week! That's right, Black Friday is coming to the website where my healing journey began! The amazingly transformational products on the site are all discounted! My journey started with Grace Space and yours could too. The darkest moments of my life came soon after I became a single mom. … Continue reading A Starting Place for Transformation


Sundays for the Soul

Are you on auto pilot? What do you feel when you hear things like 'living with intention' and 'being aligned' and 'purposeful living'? Does it confuse you?  Annoy you?  Cause anxiety?  Feel exciting? Perhaps you have feelings of hope or wishful thinking? Well here, on Instagram and Facebook you will find information to get you … Continue reading Sundays for the Soul

Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! You feel that restlessness, that desire, that pull toward something different than what you have now. Now what? Enter Transformation Tuesdays! Getting from that feeling of discontent to one of peace is as simple as finding the tools that work for you. Come here every Tuesday for information on how to get from … Continue reading Transformation Tuesday

Holding Love Hostage

36 years spent holding love hostage. Feeling that love is conditional, earned and given with the unrealistic hope that the receiver will respond/reciprocate in the exact way that feels good. Love held hostage in the name of self-protection. An impotent attempt to feel whole and validated. Feeling that each time love was given I had … Continue reading Holding Love Hostage


If you fell down, I will help you get back up again. You are allowed to rest. You are amazing! I can't wait to help you level up and rise again!!

Hypnosis is Here

"I tried everything! I finally stumbled on hypnosis after nothing else worked. It was so easy and IT WORKED!" Hypnosis is so much more than a Hail Mary. For far too long people have been using hypnosis as a last resort. Once they finally find it, they use it for everything. There are so many … Continue reading Hypnosis is Here